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Bob Taylor:
>> I really like Fedora but my pipe is too small and my ISP doesn't
>> like for me to tie up a modem line.
Ric Moore :
> Ha! Is he cranking the handle or something equally physically arduous
> as a result of your connection to his service?? If you're paying, he /
> she has no dog in the fight.

There's any number of annoying ISPs that impose stupid limits on their
paying customers.  Here, in Australia, it's still common for dial-up
ISPs to impose 4 hour session limits, rather than put in enough lines to
cover the number of customers that they have.  Even the one of the
biggest, Optus, still plays that game.  It's a right pain in the bum
when you're downloading big files.  Why is it that servers with huge
files seems to be the least likely ones to support resuming?

It gets me that some play the same game with ADSL.  They cut off some
people every 24 hours, claiming that they have to.  Bullshit!  Only some
seriously crap shortcoming in their *own* system if they really "have"
to.  There's no such requirement in ADSL.

They're still playing the dynamic IP game with ADSL, too.  Another of
those ISP games at signing up more customers than they can handle all at
once.  Has it's advantages and disadvantages, though.  You can get away
from some twerp continuously abusing an IP, but it's a pain for serving.

(Currently running FC4, in case that's important to the thread)

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