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On Saturday 16 September 2006 00:29, Tim wrote:
>On Sat, 2006-09-16 at 09:42 +0530, François Patte wrote:
>> All these answers about adding comment text to jpeg are interresting
>> but the result is "binary". I have been seeking for a while (and did
>> not find an answer) on how to annotate an image with a "grep readable"
>> annotation. If I use Gimp or ImageMagick, to write the comment "foo"
>> in an image, grep foo image.jpg returns "binary file image.jpg
>> matches".
>Actually, this was the first sort of thing I did find in a Google search
>(keywords:  adding text to jpegs).  I'm not looking at those results
>now, but I think it was done by putting data into EXIF (or similar) data
>fields in the JPEGs.  For my own purposes (album cataloguing that didn't
>depend on using particular software in the future), it's a neat idea,
>but I've not followed up on it so far.
>The other ones about modifying the images are what I want to do at the
>moment.  I had a brief play with "composite" from ImageMagick last
>night, which was slow, and I hadn't yet figured out how to do a batch of
>files (I'll work through that over the weekend).
>It occurred to me that I'd like to add text rather than merge two images
>together, so I could write "PROOF" as well as the image number (from the
>file) onto the picture.  That gives people an easy way to say they
>wanted a copy of picture number 256.
>I think I can work out how to handle a batch of files to add consistent
>text, now.  But I haven't worked out how I could extract "256" from a
>filename like "img_0256.jpg", yet.  The filenames are all the same
>length, so there's got to be some tool that'll let me strip characters
>7, 8 & 9 out of the name.
May I suggest 'man bash'?

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