Re: How to record traffic between Evolution and POP Server

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Jonathan Ryshpan <[email protected]> wrote: 
> >I'm having weird problems between my Evolution email client and my ISP's
> >POP server.  Evolution says it can't receive a particular message; the
> >problem is:
> >        Cannot get message ALwwvs4AAB//RP55HQdLMjcw/zI: Input/output
> >        error
> >always with the same message ID.  The ISP (ATT) says there's nothing in
> >my inbox on the POP server.  I'd like to get some more info on what's
> >going on.
> >
> >How can I get Evolution to record its interactions with the POP server.
> >Is there some environment variable or invocation option that will get
> >Evolution to do this?

On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 22:32 -0600, David G. Miller wrote:
> If ATT offers a web-mail interface, you might try that and see what, if 
> anything, is in your inbox.  This will allow you to determine whether 
> the problem is on the ATT side or your side of the interface.  If their 
> web-mail has the same problem, their tech support should be more 
> amenable to looking into it and, hopefully, fixing it.  If nothing is 
> there, the problem is on your end and Evolution apparently thinks that 
> something is there and is attempting to fetch it anyway.  Your "inbox" 
> is just a text file so you *may* be able to just delete the invalid 
> reference (use vi and do a search on the message ID).
> I'd be really surprised if this is a protocol issue and you need to 
> sniff packets to debug the problem.  One other approach to try is to use 
> another local client such as Thunderbird or Mozilla Mail and see if a 
> different local e-mail client has the same problem.

Jonathan Ryshpan writes:
ATT does offer a web-mail interface, which shows that I have no email
pending.  Nevertheless, evolution shows repeatedly that it can't fetch
the message with ID ALwwvs4AAB//RP55HQdLMjcw/zI.  I suspect that you are
right about Evolution trying to fetch a message that isn't there,
because clicking the configuration box "Disable support for all POP3
extensions" in Edit->Preferences->... makes the problem go away.

I would still like to look over the traffic, so I can figure out what's
going on and maybe do something about it.  I vaguely remember some
environment variable that will cause Evolution to log its traffic with
the server, but no-one has been able to remind me what it is ... So it
looks like it's time to break out WireShark.

Thanks - jon

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