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On Thursday 07 September 2006 13:43, SERGIE wrote:
> Get rid of the that shit!
> >  Hello All
> >  I have an Airvast Taiwan built in usb prism3 wireless adapter in my
> > laptop. I have had issues with other distros in using it. It seems on
> > older distros it was auto detected and used out of the box, but lately I
> > have been having problems with it. Does anyone else have this wireless
> > adapter working on FC5 ? Or any thoughts on where to start to get it
> > working properly, thanks.

 Do you speak from experience ? And if i do what should i go to ? I have no 
PCMCIA slots on this laptop, only usb ports what would be a good alternative?
 I have seen some linksys ones at my local shops but are they better 
supported ?

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