Re: Intel Woodcrest Crash under heavy load with FC5 and MySql

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On 9/6/06, Albert Graham <[email protected]> wrote:
Hello all,

It seems posts with debug output don't appear on the fedora list, so
here is a text file with same.


Albert Graham wrote:
> Hello all (especially the very technical),
> I  have been experiencing hardware lockups and crashes under Linux
> (Fedora Core 5 latest kernel version 2.6.17-1.2174_FC5smp). The
> crashes occur under what appears to be very heavy disk access and
> possibly multiple concurrent access (i.e. multiple threads).
> I experience crashes using Mysql (MySQL-server-4.1.21-0.glibc23)
> latest 4.1 stable. In this case we also have multiple threads
> generating a database of approx 13-30G in size or a period of about 18
> hours.

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Hi Albert Graham!

I do not know that I make the cut of "highly technical" but when I
hear "fail under heavy load" I first think of heat.  It might be
interesting to make a little chron job which simply logs CPU and MB
temps every minute or so.  Maybe check the sink (well seated??).

I am in the process of making a little script to snap a picture of
what is going on in /var/log (and many parts of the machine as well).
I will post here when done if it still seems appropriate.

For the truly dedicated to knowing "WHY?" The Linux a crash dump kit:

# One of many!

Good Hunting!


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