Re: How to record traffic between Evolution and POP Server

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Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
I'm having weird problems between my Evolution email client and my ISP's
POP server.  Evolution says it can't receive a particular message; the
problem is:
        Cannot get message ALwwvs4AAB//RP55HQdLMjcw/zI: Input/output
always with the same message ID.  The ISP (ATT) says there's nothing in
my inbox on the POP server.  I'd like to get some more info on what's
going on.

How can I get Evolution to record its interactions with the POP server.
Is there some environment variable or invocation option that will get
Evolution to do this?
Well, if you want to sniff the network traffic, you could always try
running tcpdump or ethereal. Works pretty well for debugging most
network protocol anomalies... provided the traffic is not SSL encrypted.
Ethereal is probably easier to use, because you can have it reconstruct
the TCP session into a nice view showing who sent what.


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