Re: azureus port forwarding problem

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Gerhard Magnus wrote:

> I'm trying to set up Azureus using the Stanton Finley installation notes
> (  I
> have 3 linux boxes ( behind a router ( and a
> DSL modem (  I've followed the instructions for modifying
> iptables to open TCP ports 6881-6999 and a single UDP port in that range
> -- I've chosen UDP port 6973.
> There's an Azureus configuration wizard panel for selecting an incoming
> TCP listening port between 6882 and 6999 that corresponds to the number
> of the port selected for the udp iptables firewall port (6973).  When I
> click the test button I get the error message:
> Testing port 6973: NAT error

If your router is a firewall/router (as many of them are, nowadays), you
probably need to go into the router config panel and open up the same ports
there as well.

Good luck.
Steve Juranich
Tucson, AZ

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