Re: Kernel panic after FC2->FC5

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Jack Howarth wrote:
   The problems I was having with a kernel panic after upgrading
a Fedora Core 2 machine to Fedora Core 5 were entirely due to
the SElinux support. I simply booted in linux rescue mode and disabled SElinux. Problem solved. I am currently updating all
1.2 Gb of rpms via yum at the moment.
   Is there a recommended procedure for re-enabling SElinux in
this case (at least long enough to know it works). I am assuming

touch /.autorelabel

is the best approach (although I assume I need to re-enable
SElinux for the relabeling to occur).
Yes, re-enable SELinux in permissive mode to do this. Change to
enforcing after you've convinced yourself it's working OK.

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