Re: How to create /dev/dsp ?

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Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I took a disk out of one computer, and put it in another
> (more precisely, I took out the Utrabay hard disk from a ThinkPad T20
> and put it in a ThinkPad T23)
> and now I am told there is no sound because
> "Device /dev/dsp does not exist".
> How exactly does one ensure that this device is created?
> There seems to be a rule in /etc/udev/rules.d/
>         KERNEL=="dsp*",                 MODE="0660"
> I take it this just says that if /dev/dsp is created 
> it should have mode 0660?
I do not know the hardware of the two laptops, but I suspect the
sound hardware is different. /dev/dsp is automatically created when
the correct driver is loaded. You do not create it manually. The
first thing I would do is try to reconfigure your sound. (There is a
GUI tool for it, but I don't remember the menu entry for it.)

While the error message is correct, it would be better if it said
something like "Sound is not properly configured on this machine."
instead of "Device /dev/dsp does not exist".


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