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Chong Yu Meng wrote:
> Hi all,
> Not strictly a Fedora issue. 
> I'm trying to get my head around the following configuration:
> I want to setup Cyrus SASL such that it will look up a OpenLDAP
> directory tree to retrieve the password for authentication. Cyrus SASL
> and OpenLDAP will provide authentication services for Cyrus IMAP as well
> as Postfix. 
> From Googling about for the last 3 hours, I have been able to gather
> that I should define the following inside /etc/saslauthd.conf:
> ldap_servers
> ldap_bind_dn
> ldap_bind_pw
> ldap_search_base
> But this will only work if the username is a UID in the tree. For my
> purposes, I need SASL to look up the mail attribute and get the
> corresponding password. 
> Is there a parameter that will allow me to define a LDAP search string?
> Thanks in advance !
man imapd.conf

scroll down until you get to the ldap_filter parameter

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