Fedora(rawhide) and XFCE 4.4 beta 2

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I bit the bullet and installed Xfce 4.4 beta 2
(xfce4- on my rawhide system.  I installed it
to /usr/local thinking that putting /usr/local/bin on my PATH variable
before /usr/bin would cause the beta2 executables to run before any
yum installed (fedora-extras-development.repo) Xfce 4.2 executables
(/usr/bin) so my first question is: was/is this wishful thinking (that
I could have both 4.4 beta 2 and 4.2 installed to the same system and
not encounter serious issues)?

I am running a dual head configuration (individual displays rather
than xinerama).  There are two issues that pop up immediately that I
need to solve:

1) there is a bar across the top of both displays that appears to be
an orphaned panel, i.e. I cannot get rid of it (the original panel
that was at the top has been moved to the bottom of screen 0 and works
just fine there.

2) I cannot seem to use the settings->panel manager dialog to
accomplish much with the second display.  When I click on the box
representing the second display the dialog disappears along with all
the applications running in the fist display.  I will need to repeat
this a few more times before I can accurately describe what is really
going on, so this description represents my first take.

I will be googling for more information on these issues so any quick
leads to helpful information will be much appreciated.



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