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On 9/1/06, Tom Bishop <[email protected]> wrote:
I have a new MSI K9mgm2 AM2 system that I just built and loaded with FC5
x_64.  The problem that I am havin is that the system is writing to the
memory like it is disk and the more I do the less I have (I have 2gig).  I
am running with the latest kernel (2174) and not sure what to look at.  I
can provide more system details if needed, but am running out of ideas.  My
main drive is a serial drive and I do have a swap partition but it never
uses it, once the memory gets down so far it just locks up.  Anyone, anyone
have any suggestions/help.  Thanks.

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Hi Tom Bishop!

You have some really cool hardware!

Let me guess - the drive is SATA (you did say "serial")?

I would start by googling your mother board  - drive - along with
Fedora Core Five 64 doing the normal iterative thing of adding,
deleteing, and includeing words you find in the search (or to narrow
your search).

My silly guess (since others have not responded in so long a time) is
that FC5 somehow sees your drive as FLASH (hummm - is it Serial as in
USB??).  FLASH is written to only when ejected.  In the mean time
memory and then swap is used to store the "updates" written only upon
an "eject" command.  Sounds like the "and then swap" think is a bit
flakey.  But really, if it thinks your drive is FLASH that is the true

Good Hunting!


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