Re: Curious yum problem

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On 8/31/06, Timothy Murphy <[email protected]> wrote:
I just installed FC-5 on a new disk,
and when I tried "yum update" it failed because, it reported,
kdebase required htdig .

On the other hand, I can update kdebase on other FC-5 systems
which I have kept up-to-date.

It doesn't particularly matter - I as able to update nearly everything
by "yum update [a-j]\*", etc,
but I am puzzled why this problem arises,
and interested to know if there is a simple way
of determining exactly what is looking for what?
(It seemed that other packages were looking for htdig.)
I think i have seen this before,

some dependencies are not resolved by YUM it just inform you do not
have it, but do not fetch it.

What i did in that situations is to *manually* install the required package.

$ yum install htdig
and then
$ yum update

try it.

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