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Joseph Ross wrote:
I have just installed my first non-windows os, Fedora. Unfortunately, I cannot use it :-< It tells me my Login and Password are wrong! I do recall it asking me for a Password and insisting that it be at least 6 letters. This I recall but, I do not know or recall being asked for a User Name or Login. Anyone know how I can gain access to the system other than reinstalling? Thanks,
Congratulations! As for your answer, the username would be 'root' without the quotes for the password you specified in the install.
The install should also have asked you to add more users at some point,
did you not add any then? BTW, never use root on a regular basis for
work. Create a new user with regular privileges and go from there.
I'll be glad to help anytime, I spend a large portion of my day teaching
newbies the ropes.
Ceterum censeo, Carthago delenda est.

Mark Haney
Sr. Systems Administrator
ERC Broadband
(828) 350-2415

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