Re: Mozilla shortcut key not working

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Tim wrote:

On Tue, 2006-08-29 at 15:57 -0700, Philip Walden wrote:
Good thought, but shift-control-C is not assigned to any of my Gnome shortcuts.
I've had similar experiences with setting shortcuts.  In some cases I've
had success by trying out different shortcuts until I found one that
actually did something.  In other cases, nothing I could do would make
it work.  e.g. I cannot make the "lock screen" shortcut work, at all.
And that's one that I really would like a quick hotkey for.
If you have an enhanced "internet keyboard" you might want to try LinEAK.

I have programmed all my extra buttons using it. ie "mail" button brings up mozilla mail, etc. As I recall it has builtin gnome functions like lock-screen.

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