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Timothy Murphy wrote:
James Wilkinson wrote:

I'm not sure what you are saying.
I only have one "echo" program /bin/echo and one "true" program /bin/true
. I would find it confusing if I had two programs /bin/echo and
/sbin/echo which did slightly different things.
You also have echo built into bash. If you type (say)
$ echo Trinity College Dublin
into bash, bash *won't* call /bin/echo, but use its own internal
variant. Try
$ type echo
$ type yum
and look at the differences.
That's a completely different issue.
As I pointed out, if an application asks you to type "true"
it is unlikely to be invoking the program "/bin/true"/

I'm sorry if I'm shattering some of your illusions here. But there is a
lot of Unix precedent for things that do *much* the same thing to be
called by the same name.
You haven't yet given any example of two different programs
with the same name.

I know lots of examples of the opposite -
the same program with symlinks with different names,
where the program looks to see what name it was called under,
and runs slightly differently in the different cases.
That is *exactly* what consolehelper is doing.


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