Non-SMP on SMP hardware

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 I just finished installing FC5 on a machine and now I can't boot it
up. The motherboard supports two CPUs, however only one's installed.
But for some stupid reason, the installer decided to put only the smp
kernel on, instead of both the smp as well as the single (one-up)
kernel, so I can't boot the machine now. It locks up during the boot
process, doing what appears to be something with CPU1 which doesn't
exist. It goes through CPU0 just fine then quits. Does anyone have any
suggestions on how to rectify this problem now? The machine does not
have a CD drive in it so I can't boot the rescue (or any other) disk.
 With past FC versions it always installed two kernels, one smp and
one non-smp so I always had the choice to boot with the single one (then
proceed to remove the smp one since I don't need it.) Apparently FC5
disagrees with that arrangement.
 For those curious, I booted it through floppies [1] and did an NFS

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