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Barry Tepperman wrote:
The hard disk crashed on my Dell Inspiron 6000 and after replacing it I've installed JUST FC5 - NO Windows. Have followed all the steps to download and install all the drivers and firmware I need to get my builtin wireless (Intel Pro Wireless 2200) working - and Network Control panel tells me everything is in place. But... when I go to activate the card it can't be found and I get an error message asking me if the cable is connected. I have read elsewhere that one bug in FC5 on this machine is that it doesn't switch the wireless card on and that the fix is to go back into Windows and switch it on there. Well, folks, I don't have Windows and really don't want to install it just for that. Any suggestions about how to switch it on within FC5?
Barry Tepperman
Before you get to X windows, or init 3, and toggle wireless card on with the FN/Wireless keys. It won't work with X up because the keys will be processed by X and not passed to the MB firmware.
But always right after boot while still testing hardware, the FN
(function)/Wireless key (hold down the function key and press the key
with the wireless icon on it) works.

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