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Erik P. Olsen wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
Erik P. Olsen wrote:
Have you tried PostScript Level 2?

I haven't seen that option, where would I look for it, CUPS, GIMP ?

In GIMP. "File" -> "Print" then select "Setup Printer". In "Printer
Model" I find (and use) "PostScript Level 2".
I never noticed the first two settings for postscript. Guess I was too intent on looking for additions to the HP section? I tried both and neither works with this HP6840, it prints one line about Adobe ...etc. on one sheet and then tries to feed all the paper out of the tray. The HP2500 driver seems to work well enough though. One positive thing that came out of this effort has been the expanded list of drivers in CUPS, that and I can at least print from GIMP again.
Your help was appreciated, thank you.

Bob Goodwin

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