Re: Bringing Up Wireless Connections Automatically => fixdev1804289383

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to fix dev1804289383

- rm -rf /etc/sysconfig/hwconf  (or mv ...)
- rm -rf /etc/modprobe.conf (...)

- kudzu
=> will generate a new hwconf && modprobe.conf

hint from alan cox some weeks/month ago here in the list(s)

This worked nicely. And now I'm using NetworkManager to get my wireless connection started, but I'm still faced with 2 problems:

1. NetworkManager doesn't set the hostname based on the dhcp information it gets back. My machine continues to be named 'localhost.localdomain'. If I am surfing my home wireless network, I want the hostname set to something different. Otherwise localhost.localdomain is okay.

(NetworkManager seems to start as almost the last service in runlevel 5.)

2. The bitrate I'm getting is still only 11 Mbps and I know this is a 54 Mbps capable card.

Any suggested fixes?


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