Re: Can't mount a floppy disk

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Around 11:17am on Sunday, August 27, 2006 (UK time), Nigel Henry scrawled:

> Hi Keith. You need to create an fstab entry for it, and a floppy directory 
> in /mnt. As root.
> mkdir /mnt/floppy
> Then, as root in a text editor, add the line below to /etc/fstab, which I 
> copied from my FC2 install, and works ok on FC5.
> /dev/fd0       /mnt/floppy              auto           noauto,owner       0 0
> Probably best to reboot, and the new fstab entry will be read.

No need to reboot.

I think if you are putting these in fstab, the standard is to mount them
to /media, not to /mnt - fedora seems to mount CDs and memory sticks
here.  Of course you can put them wherever you want.



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