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On Tuesday 22 August 2006 20:19, hawat.thufir@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I'm over at <> and don't
> see anything for FC5.  How is the dries repository setup, please?
> I've found samples of FC4 dries.repo files, but nothing for FC5.  His (?)
> website specifies FC1-4 only.

> --
> Thufir
> <>

The last time I looked at Dag's site, he only was listing FC1,2, and 3. 

Freshrpms has stuff for FC5 though. The URL for the website is:

I'm using Apt on FC5, so it's pointless giving you the URL 
for /etc/apt/sources.list, but there are links on the menu's on the site for 
setting up sources for Yum.


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