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On Sun, 2006-08-20 at 11:11, Gilboa Davara wrote:

> > I tried Fedora5 some time ago, soon after it first came out. But 
> > didn't stick with it long enough to get to know it! I'd like to try 
> > Fedora again, but I see that version6 will be out in October.
> > 
> > Will Fedora6 be just 'Fedora5 with all the upgrades', or will there be 
> > fundamental differencies? I'm wondering whether to buy the version5 
> > DVD now, or wait a couple of months and get the version6 DVD.
> FC6 is FC5 + full updates + better Extra integration, better notebook,
> networkmanager support + better hardware support. (and AiGLX)
> In short, FC6 will be a better FC5.

I'd recommend any new user to first install and use a fedora
version late in its development cycle rather a release that
is just out.  Fedora typically has a lot of changes in each
release that result in a lot of code that has not been widely
tested being pushed out.  After several months of updates,
most of it will work...   This is a necessary cycle, but a
newbie might want to stay away until the first few rounds
of updates are out.  Another bit of advice for fedora: be
careful to keep your own files and modifications cleanly
separated from the distribution.  The fedora development
cycle is fast and it won't be long before you need to install
the next version.  It's easy if you've planned for it and
don't have your own files splattered all over the system.

  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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