Re: How to create an RPM from a source tarball?

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Ric Moore wrote:
On Sun, 2006-08-20 at 00:47 +0930, Tim wrote:
Heikki Pesonen wrote:
I will appreciate some good book about Fedora Core 5.
I'd be very surprised to see one, for various reasons:

It's *fairly* new, and books take a while to write and publish,
particularly in-depth ones.  It's soon to be outdated by FC6, so any
book will already be seriously out of date in short order.  And even
without major distribution changes, individual packages change over
time.  Most Linux books that I've looked at seem to be based on an old
version of Linux, with some customisations for the current versions.

Having said that, any good book that lets you know the Unix-way of
things, particularly the things that people assume you ought to already
know, is going to be helpful.  If you have a good grounding in the
basics, you ought to be able to work out the specifics.
The founder of RedHat, Bob Young, has a project that enables the
printing of books on the fly, on demand.
Pretty nifty deal for budding authors and for cases like this when there
is a short lifespan of a reference material. You just upload your text
in the format / size you want it printed in, sell the books, give the
order to lulu who will then print it, ship it, collect the money and
give you the profit. Of course, one book costs more than a thousand.
But, you control when and how the order is placed to get a quantity of
orders placed at once. It's a win/win. Ric

rpmbuild -ta tarball

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