Re: best video card for use with open source drivers?

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What?   I have a 9250 ATI with 128MB of memory and it works fine
with Centos 4.1 ( Fedora 3/4) and  Suse 10.0.

Does your HP have build in video on the motherboard?
If so,  is everything in the Bois turned off for it?

Well everything worked fine for me in FC4, too. I have no end of problems getting FC5 to work with ATI cards (and integrated chipsets, like on the Asus Pundit-R), except with the always-trusty vesa driver.

Yes, the HP D330M has built-in video. Twiddling with BIOS settings doesn't seem to help anything. (My nvidia card works fine in the same slot, using the nvidia drivers).

- Mike

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