Re: best video card for use with open source drivers?

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   Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak wrote:
> OK, I've been following the kernel-module-packaging threads on the > various lists, and it's clear that Fedora developers are very > uninterested in supporting kernel modules, and have no respect for > people who use them :-) > > So... does anyone have suggestions for the "best" AGP video card / > driver combo for 3D gaming (say torcs, for sake of argument), if you're > restricted to the open source drivers? > > Intel's newly-free drivers don't count, because you have to buy a whole > new computer (no plug-in cards)... > > Suggestions? > > > - Mike >
 I have had success with the nv driver that comes with xorg and nVidia
 cards. On my machine there is little difference with glxgears between
 the nv driver and the nVidia module from lvina.

I don't have a recommendation for you for open source drivers. I would
recommend nVIDIA with proprietary drivers (livna if using FC5). I find
the xorg drivers terrible with FC5. Might have to do with the new
version of Xorg. 3D and 2D desktop rendering performance increases are
insane (maybe not insane, but still blow em out of the water) compared
to the Xorg driver.


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