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An SRPM has no architecture, its just the source.  You need the
kernel-devel or kernel RPM.  See

On 8/17/06, Joe W. Byers <[email protected]> wrote:
Where can I find the matching rpm?  I looked on Fedora's and pbone's
websites but could not find 586 or  2.6.15 source rpm's.

Thank you

Lonni J Friedman wrote:
> You're likely hitting one of two problems:
> 0) The default, original FC5 kernel does not allow non-GPL'd symbols.
> I don't think ndiswrapper is GPL's but I could be wrong
> 1) There's a bug in FC5 where the kernel and kernel-devel RPMs that
> get installed end up being mixed incorrectly, where you get i586 of
> the kernel and i686 of the kernel-devel (of vice versa).  You need to
> manually install the matching RPM.
> On 8/17/06, Joe Byers <[email protected]> wrote:
>> I could use some help.  I have an old HP Pavillion 6300 with and AMD K6
>> 366 processor.  My fedora version is 2.6.15-1.2054_FC5 with uname - as
>> i586
>> My first problem was trying to get my Dell 1180 Wireless USB adapter to
>> work.  Compiling ndiswrapper kept returning vermagic error and version
>> errors.  Dmesg said module struct mismatch.  Trying to modprobe with -f
>> locked the computer.
>>  From this problem I tried to compile my kernel with the K6 processor
>> option and 4K buffer option off.  Because, the src files from fedora had
>> the 686 option selected.  When I reboot I get multiple insmod errors for
>> various XXX.ko modules, it can't find dev/misc, and others which causes
>> a kernel panic.  It does find the LVM partitions but can't seem to
>> access them.
>> I can not list all the output because the machine has no internet
>> connection and I have to switch to my other computers to search the
>> internet and post messages.  So please forgive for not posting the
>> various error dumps.
>> Thank you
>> Joe
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