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Greetings Bob,

< snip >

I've always used Kuickshow, and like it. On the rawhide laptop I see there is something called KView, which I've never seen before. That looks as though it could be the simple viewer he's looking for. I wonder if it is just a name change?
Kview and Gimp are the only two of those mentioned in this thread that will permit me to view a PhotoShop .psd file if that should be of interest to anyone. My daughter has a lot of .psd files on her MAC ...
Well i don't have a lot of psd files so that's not a big problem to me
but i will keep that in mind . In fact my Windows installation has Adobe
Photoshop so i can try to see what comes out with psd files . Tell me
this though . Did you sent your email once or twice , because i have
received two copies of it . In fact another Senior Member of this list
complained about receiving duplicated posts so i was curious .
Bob Goodwin

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