mouse wheel problems

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I don't remember when this started because I originally attributed it to a 
failing mouse, but I just replaced the mouse and the symptoms remain. The 
problem is that scrolling with the wheel is causing strange behavior. This 
manifests when I want to scroll back/up-ward; if I scroll down a screen, the 
screen just does what it's supposed to. If I reverse direction, various 
strange things happen depending on the program I'm in. In Kmail, I just get a 
menu popping up as if I'd right-clicked; in Firefox, I get the menu, and 
then, if I keep scrolling, the page jumps to some seemingly completely 
unrelated web page - there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what 
page it jumps to - these are not pages that I've previously visited or 
anything like that. 

Anyone have an idea what could be going on? I've looked at the various 
preferences in KDE Control Center, which is the desktop I use, but there 
doesn't seem to anything amiss... I tried System Control Center, but it says 
system-config-mouse is not installed - I checked the repos and 
system-config-mouse doesn't seem to be available. This is on FC5 with all the 
latest patches - currently running the 2157 kernel, though behavior is the 
same with the 2174 kernel.
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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