RE: Calling grub from install CD?

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Some unattributed person wrote:
>>> Is there a way to somehow get into grub right from the install CD?

>> Yes, but what are you hoping to do?

> I messed up the boot record or something and was hoping to boot into
> my system in order to run grub-install.  I tried to run it from the
> rescue disc, but got an error saying it could not find /usr/sbin/grub
> - for whatever weird reason (the file is there).

Most likely a chroot issue.  I've done that sort of thing before, but I
don't recall the steps.  It wasn't too hard to work out, and since I
don't regularly bugger up a PC, I haven't remembered it.

> So I thought I could get into my regular system that way and then run
> grub-install.

I've done something similar, as well.

> Initially, I told the installer to install the boot loader in the
> first partition rather than the MBR.  After the installation, booting
> failed and it dropped me off at the grub prompt.

Yes, that's not going to work by default.  I think it's only going to
work if you have some other bootloader, that you can point to where
you've installed GRUB.

> Now I have to do something similar, but I can not get into the initial
> grub prompt. So I'm trying to get in there again...

Well, you can interrupt booting, while the GRUB menu is up, by pressing
some hotkeys.  I seem to recall that the bootscreen prompts you, but I
can't see it now, and I'm not going to reboot in the middle of writing
an e-mail to see.

You can also type in "grub" into the command line on a running system
and do most things in that environment.  I think you want to read the
grub info file, the man file is rather spare.

e.g. info grub

There's an on-line version somewhere, which is a lot easier to browse
through than "info" files are.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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