Re: I hosed FC5 need help with file names and locations to verify all current files are backed up.

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[email protected] wrote:
> I hosed my FC5 install.

Sorry to hear that.

> I don't know the name or location of the files that hold my address
> book in KMail and my bookmarks in Firefox.

Firefox bookmarks are kept in
~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/bookmarks.html, where profile is a random
string, something like this: nt4m68tk.default.  I'm not a KDE user,
but I believe the address book is stored in

I would backup all of ~/.kde and ~/.mozilla at least, and all of ~/
unless it was simply too large to fit onto you backup drive.

> I can't get my KMail files (the e-mail that I saved in folders) to
> move by scp the file names have a lot of puncuation marks in them
> and the SSH does not like it.  Will these files still work in Kmail
> if I can zip them, move them, and unzip again?

They should.  I'd use tar instead of zip.  Zip won't include any file
permissions or ownership info.

> Or, does some one know a clean simple way to get these files copied
> over to my other box with the SSH/SCP command in the shell?

Use -r to scp to recursively copy the directories.

    $ scp -r ~/.kde/share/apps/mail backuphost:/path/to/save/files

You should be able to use scp to transfer files which contain special
characters, you just need to quote them.

    $ scp -r 'Don\'tcha hate files with Punctuation!' backuphost:/tmp

I find it a pain to remember to quote things and it messes up my
ability to tab complete things in bash sometimes, so I'd just
recursively copy the whole dir.  Or tar up ~/ and then scp that.

Good luck,

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