Re: New processor requires the full re-installation of Fedora?

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On 8/14/06, Andy Green <[email protected]> wrote:
> I am going to replace the processor and the motherboard of my
> computer, but I will keep all hard-drives where FC5 is installed. The
> new processor is an Intel P4 Dual Core and a new kernel (the smp one)
> has to be installed. My question is: have I to install the entire FC5
> or it suffices to install only the smp kernel?

Boot on the old kernel, the entire old image.  The fact you have dual
core does not mean the smp kernel "has to be installed", it should run
fine on the uniprocessor one until you come up and can install the smp one.
Thanks, Andy. So, to use in *full* the dual core processor, it is not
necessary to install the entire Fedora, sufficing only the
installation of the smp kernel?


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