Re: Removable media on FC5

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Akop Pogosian wrote:
On Sat, Aug 12, 2006 at 03:47:29PM +1000, Brian Chadwick wrote:
Akop Pogosian wrote:
After putting a vanilla FC5 installation on my PC, I noticed that data
CDs are not being mounted and that audio CDs are not being
played automatically any more. What happened? I can mount the CDs
with mount command though.


have you ever installed FC5 before? ... or have you just switched from windows? ... in other words .. are you new to FC5 ?

That's the first time I installed it. It find it strange because this
"just works" on other Fedora versions.


Is this a fresh install or an upgrade from previous versions? You can try (if using gnome) to go to System>Preferences>"Removable Drives and Media" and see what is set. In KDE, a window should nag you when you add anything. Also make sure that there is no CDROM location set in the fstab. I don't know why, but the automounting seems to not work in FC5 when something is there for the CDs.

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