Re: keyboard fails to work

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On Monday 07 August 2006 00:13, Stephen Liu wrote:
>Hi folks,
>Motherboard Asus A8NVM
>keyboard fails to work
>This happened after an incident of power interrupt.  The power supply
>was accidentally interrupted while the PC booted CRrom.  It just
>started to boot.  From that time onwards on starting PC, pressing [Del]
>did not start BIOS.  The PC booted straight to HD, boot sequency set,
>floppy/CDrom/Hd.  After booting up the FC5_64 keyboard failed to work.
>It did not type on Doc., such as Editor, Webbrowser, etc.  Changing
>another keyboard did not help.  Pleasd advise how to fix this problem.

I think I'd start by clearing the cmos after checking its battery.


Cheers, Gene
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