Re: S3 Wake Fails With FC5 2.6.17 Kernels

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On Sun, 6 Aug 2006, Chris Jones wrote:

The sleep error has been reported and is widely known. It was fixed in release Fedora kernel developers are waiting for to be released, reportedly "very soon"...because 2.6.17 has bad
memory leaks in addition to numerous bugs that will be fixed in
I am restless myself for this new kernel, but I'm just gonna have to
patiently wait...
I have also been having problems with the FC5 2.6.17 kernels. suspend-to-disk
sleep (s4) goes to sleep ok, but on resuming the kernel hangs at
the "resuming from /dev/hda9" message. Nothing I can do but hard reset.
suspend to memory, S3 seems OK. Both worked fine wit the 2.6.16 kernels.

Could this be related to your problem, and also fixed in ?
Yep, and yes, memory leakage is bad in this kernel. It is mostly fixed in, but I think there's more coming in that they want to
wait for.
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