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On Wed, 2006-08-02 at 15:31 -0400, Matthew Miller wrote:

> You could also patch the module and build a driver disk for FC4 or FC5. I'm
> not sure this is worth it, though -- right now, there's something like 2.2GB
> of FC4 updates, so a new install of FC4 + updates may actually take _more_
> bandwidth than just starting new with FC6t2.

If I have to get updates for OS to keep it running, might as well run
windows. I have FC 3 running on production machines, no updates, with
uptime over a year. 

> > What are the places to look for checking hardware compatibility with
> > linux before purchasing any hardware?
> It's always such a pain -- there's been a lot of efforts at making various
> databases of compatibility, but they always fall short. Too much hardware,
> too much rapid change. I like to buy from a vendor who will offer Linux
> preinstalled, even if it's not the version I plan on running.
I'd rather do it myself, get better deals this way.

> In this particular case, I found the answer above in about 15 seconds of
> googling.
Mind sharing the keywords.

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