X forwarding problem.

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I have a problem with the X11 forwarding and the x server on my win32 PC. I dont know if the problem come from the X server on the fedora or from Windows.
When i run a graphical app from fedora (redirected tothe windows X server) all the fonts are very small. If i want to have a good size, i have to run the gnome-control-panel and re-set the size of the font i set many time ago. Is there a way to automaticly reload the X conf when the the X11 flow is redirected?

I test many X server for win32; cygwin, Xming, Xwin32, Exceed... All the port of the Xorg x server (cygwin, Xwin32) have the same trouble i describe above.

Do you know any other X server for windows less expensive than Exceed?

I hope that someone could answer my questions.


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