Re: Vim: Caught deadly signal HUP

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Kaushal Shriyan wrote:
> when i do vi bdc.xml I get the below on the screen
> Vim: Caught deadly signal HUP
> Vim: Finished.
> Hangup

Well, that sounds like a bug.

Which version of Fedora are you on, and which version of vim are you
using? (Can you show us the output of "rpm -qf /usr/bin/vim")?

Please run "yum update vim" to make sure you're on the latest version.

Are you in a graphical terminal? What does "which vi" return?

It would be really helpful if you could isolate a testcase. If there's
nothing private in bdc.xml, and it's not too large, you could open a bug
at (Attach your testcase so the package owner can
isolate why vim won't open it).

You could also subscribe to the [email protected] mailing list at and report the problem there.

Hope this helps,

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