Re: fc5 slow promary master idecd

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On 7/27/06, Randolph Jones <jonesrf1 qwest net> wrote:

I have been running fc5 for some months with no problem
last week or so getting sloow boot and slow desktop
now takes about 5 min to boot to desktop
bios check shows primary master is idecd/dvd (dont know when this happened)
I recently installed xprint and updated gtk2
there is a dir /net that I dont recognize
I have amd64 on msi k8n neo4 1 gig ram 20 gig + 80 gig ide drives + cd/dvdrw

kam Leo wrote:

Have you tried switching the cables over to the other connector, i.e.
plug the CD/DVD drives into the secondary connector and vice-versa? Of
course, you will also have to edit /etc/fstab to reflect the change,
i.e. hdc will/should become hda and hdd will be hdb.
Thanks for your reply. I doubt cabling is the problem as this machine has been working for several months.
I think I may have a hard disk failure or maybe a rootkit.
The boot message shows udev failed to start; dont know what this means
the system is realy slow after about ten minute boot
randolph jones


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