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Hi guys,

This is way off topic (hence WOT), but I am really stuck with this *windows* issue.
Unfortunately in my environment I still have a few windows (yes i know!)
servers, and on one of them I am trying to make a script that will
interpret a text file called 'disc.txt' that looks like this:
 jo tynan 15 Disc
 KIML 1 Disc
 sararyan 6 Disc

*There ARE spaces at the beginning of each line for some reason.*

The file is generated every hour by the command:

qwinsta /SERVER:servername | find "Disc" > disc.txt

Is there a way that I can pick out just the number, which is a session number, on each line and remove the text? Maybe remove all other characters? Or just pick out them number on each line for use in a later command.
Then, I would like a command to be run for every number in the text
file, I assume something like this would work:
for "i" in textfilename run a_script_name

The command that needs to be run for each session number is:

rwinsta /SERVER:servername number_from_above_file

I hoping one of you guys can help me! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
I know it's off topic, but bear with me, I've all ready replaced a load
of our machines with FC5 so I've earnt some brownie points! Even if you
can point me in the right direction.
Thanks for reading,


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