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On Thursday 27 July 2006 14:32, Chong Yu Meng wrote:
> I suspect that the problem may have nothing to do with the media or the
> way you are executing the growisofs or cdrecord commands. I encountered
> the same problems not too long ago, and it turned out to be my DVD drive
> that was causing all the problems. I hadn't used the drive in slightly
> over a year, and when I tried to burn a DVD on it a couple months ago, I
> was getting no medium found, insufficient space error messages, etc.
> Almost exactly the same problems you are facing now. I'm not sure if
> cleaning the drive is any good. As one list member suggested, as a last
> "test" I had taken a hammer to the drive, for wasting more than a week
> of my time, 

:-)  I do remember that exchange!  You could well be right.  It's a long time 
since I did any burning on that drive.  I'll look at replacing it.

> the last three DVD disks (coasters now) that I had, and 
> worst of all, making me doubt the evidence of my eyes. Rather than carry
> on experimenting, I'd actually recommend that you buy a new drive -- it
> may save your sanity!

I know exactly what you mean.  If you have two identical drives running 
identical software, and one of them works, they couldn't be the problem, 
could they?  It has to be a pebcak.  Only maybe it isn't.  I was beginning to 
feel desperate about this, yet never thought of this obvious explanation.


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