Re: configure GRUB to savedefault

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On Wed, 2006-07-26 at 07:31 -0400, Nigel J. Terry wrote:


       First, put the splashimage line as the first line. I dont know
why the Fedorists-5 put it as the third or fourth line.

       Second, comment out, or better yet, erase the hiddenmenu thing.
Now, you can select your kernel.

       I have the last kernel as default, as you said (default=0).  But
I erase the penultimate one in /boot and replace it with the new one,
with the new and the new .config (without the .). So I keep
only as a backup some good kernel in the second paragraph, generally the
one that came with the distro.

       grub can make more things, but hard experience taught me to keep
it simple.

       I think this is what you wanted. Good luck!!

                                    Juan Carlos

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