Re: FC4, automount and audio CD

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On Tuesday 25 July 2006 10:35, Tim wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-07-25 at 08:38 +0100, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > I can play back using xmms, but I have to manually tell it to play the
> > CD rather than files on the hdd.  I don't want that for other users.
> In my case it was a matter of insert the CD, wait for the system to
> finish twiddling its thumbs, open up XMMS, and navigate over
> to /media/burner, and pick the tracks.  I haven't set mine to
> automatically do anything, I dislike that behaviour.
For myself, I tend to agree, but not for everyone ;-)

> (Just so you know what I've been trying out.)
> > Do you know how to make xmms the default, automatic playback
> > application?  (KDE, if it matters.)
> I think it probably does matter.  Gnome has a GUI for picking what to
> automatically do with removable media (including do nothing), it's
> called from "gnome-volume-properties".  I'd presume KDE has something
> similar, and probably *INSTEAD* of however Gnome presets this, but I
> don't use KDE, nor have it installed.  I'm guessing that it changes
> something in the ~/.gnome* directories.
Mikkel says that both Gnome and KDE use gnome-volume-properties, and it looks 
as though he is right.  I changed one setting there, and the next time I put 
the disk in it played.  I stopped the disk, took it out, and set out to 
demonstrate that the problem was solved, but when I put it back in, it didn't 
play.  Something, somewhere must not have shut down cleanly, and I had to log 
out before I could persuade it to play again.

My husband did use it last night, and it behaved for him, so I'm hoping the 
glitch was a one-off.


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