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On Thu, 20 Jul 2006 22:44:17 +0200, Ambrogio wrote:
> To not say that this is on a customer. But I work all around Italy,
> visiting Customer, and all are different... each one with some paranoia,
> about VPN, about dhcp, about Antivirus, about some other...
> So everytime I have to reconfigure my pc to work, and I have to be
> speedy, smart and without error.
>> One big difference when using sudo is that you can only run specific
>> commands as root. This is not the same as full root access. [....]

> Ok, but I'm the only user on my PC. This is the reason I want
> screensaver working. Because if I go taking coffee, One can be another
> user on my PC.[....]
> I know all best practice, and I know that I can do something wrong.
> Never happed until now.
> But be user and not root (for me) is not more sure.
> On my PC, only important things are my data.
> If I'm root, I can delete all my disks (with my data).
> If I'm user I can delete only my data.
> What the difference?
>> You also sound like one apprentice I had back when I worked
>> construction. He did not believe he needed to remove his rungs
>> before starting work. After all, he had been doing it hes way for
>> over 3 years, and nothing bad had happened to him. He is missing the
>> finger that the ring was on after it caused a short circuit. The
>> ring became hot enough to burn through his finger.
>> If you are careful, you can go for years without problems. But all
>> it takes is one careless moment. It is better to develop good habits
>> so that the day you do become distracted, the results will not be a
>> disaster.
> This is the reason for which I'm using only things that I know well, and
> think 2 or 3 times before press keys.
> But I know that I can repair a disaster on my PC in little time.
> Not so on my Customer, on which I have to work as root, for the things
> that I have to do every day.
> Config, install, check, driver, firmware and so on.
> Make file systems, migrate data, change disk layout and so on.
> I'm working every day with data that aren't mine. And I know that I can
> cause a very big disaster for me if I lose data that aren't mine.
> No one says your problem may be that some upgrade was wrong, or some
> configuration changes brake things.
> No... all says... don't use root.
> Ok now I was root and I caused a disaster :-)

Here's a hesitant suggestion that might help in general, and then
one that might possibly help with the original question.

Instead of logging in as root, on a machine no one else (normally) has
access to, log in as user, open a gnome terminal instead of a KDE console
on one workspace that you use only for that terminal, and set a profile
for root just like the one for the user, but with a different color
background. (I use black on light green as user, and black on light blue
as root.) Then make sure the tab (or tabs if need be) for root are not the
first; and never leave the machine with that workspace up, nor with
root's tab(s) showing when you're not using it.

As for the screensaver, try this. Open pirut, go to the search function,
and type in "xscreen" -- with the radio button set for All packages. Hit
the search button. When it finishes finding things, check them all, and
tell it Apply.

I did that, and got several things I'd never heard of, some of which I'm
sure are pure cruft on my machine. But my xscreensaver works again.

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