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From: "Michael Hennebry" <[email protected]>
On Thu, 20 Jul 2006, Michael Yep wrote:

I can't believe how much useless traffic has been generated because of
this.  Remind me not to ask non-linux questions.
It's not all useless, though the heat/light ratio is rather high.

The morality of pounding on top-posters, even repeat offenders,
is something each of us has to decide between himself,
his conscience (if any), and his gods (if any).
It comes to mind that a plugin module for those MUAs that can support
it that automatically parses and converts top posting or even mixed
posting into "proper" bottom posting for those who are too weak minded
to adapt would be a good thing. I wonder if it should be configured
under accessibility or plugins.

{^_^}   This started as a flip remark then it dawned on me it'd be a
       right clever little "almost AI" hack for someone.

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