Re: Perhiperal setups in Fedora

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Ted Gervais wrote:

But, my concern here is that Linux has come a long way since we all first started using it 10 years ago or earlier. But it still hasn't come far enough ahead to act like Windows (for example) that when you install Linux from scratch - it simply doesn't find all the peripherals such as scanners that Windows finds so easily? I wonder why after all these years.
This is a common misconception.

I have a device.
I plug device into computer.
Does device now work?
If yes, done.
If no:
Did the manufacturer of said device provide special drivers for it?
Do I have them?
If yes, install them.
Does device now work?
If yes, done.
If no, call the manufacturer.

This process is NOT OS dependent! It is the same process for mainframes as it is for every computer in existence, regardless of what OS may be on it.

If I were being rude, I would simply say that your scanner sucks, because there are TONS of scanners that work out of the box with Linux. Yours probably works too, but you have not looked. Go to the sane site: and take a look.

Have you forgotten the days when scanners came with their own SCSI cards and the drivers never seemed to work with WINDOWS, but all the good ones only worked with UNIX systems like SUN, HP, and SGI?

Times change, but the problem with device drivers is still the same.

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