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François Patte wrote:

I have a Toshiba laptop (Qosmio F20) running FC4. It has a nvidia
graphic card (GeForce 6600) and I installed the nvidia drivers from
nvidia site. Works fine.

But I didn't find how to use both lcd panel and projector with this
laptop. I must have two xorg.conf files: one for the lcd panel and one
when I want to use a beamer; in that case there is no display at all on
the lcd panel.

Does anybody know how to configure xorg to have both display.

Thanks a lot.

Two points here:

1.  Default video mode for laptop cards are sometimes BIOS settable.
2.  Default video mode for every video driver may be different.

For example:

The radeon driver will 'mirror' the video to the external vga adapter. In this mode, just plug in the projector and it will be a mirror of the screen display. HOWEVER, any application that uses direct access to the video card (such as a video player) will not send it to the projector.
The commercial ati driver fglrx, does NOT mirror the display by
default. However, if I use the laptop CRT/LCD buttons to switch to
external, then start X, it will even do videos.
Steps with fglrx driver:
sudo init 3
close up and head to meeting
plug into projector
hit CRT/LCD button  -- for DELL Latitude D600 is <Fn>F8
I now see my display on the projector
sudo init 5

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