Re: max ext2/3 filesystem and file size

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On Wed, 2006-07-19 at 13:49 +0100, T. Horsnell wrote:
> I'm trying to find the maximum size of an ext3 filesystem
> and the maximum size of a file within that system.
> linux-2.6.17/Documentation/filesystems/ext2.txt says:
> Filesystem block size:     1kB        2kB        4kB        8kB
> File size limit:          16GB      256GB     2048GB     2048GB
> Filesystem size limit:  2047GB     8192GB    16384GB    32768GB
> There is a 2.4 kernel limit of 2048GB for a single block device, so no
> filesystem larger than that can be created at this time.  There is also
> an upper limit on the block size imposed by the page size of the kernel,
> so 8kB blocks are only allowed on Alpha systems (and other architectures
> which support larger pages).
> Does anyone know if the '2.4 kernel limit of 2048GB' has been raised
> in the 2.6 kernels? Has anyone successfully built an ext2/3 > 2TeraBytes?
> If so, what kernel are you using and what did you use to label the
> device? fdisk/sfdisk/parted/...
> Cheers,
> Terry

AFAIR 2.6 file size limit is 2TB.
Work is being done (ext4) to raise this limit.


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