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bruce wrote:
now joanne...

are we going to talk about rules,top-posting or corsets...

rules.. don't really care about...

top posting... not that into the san fran stuff...

corsets... now we're talking!!!!!!

what kind.. do you have a web site??

yeah.. i'm laughing!

The Fedora Wiki has a page with "rules" written down:
Alex, rules are for pedantics, tyrants, Democrats, and religious
fanatics. Humans should be adaptable. But I do agree that bottom
posting is somewhat easier to read and should be RECOMMENDED but
not insisted upon.

{^,-}   Joanne winking and sticking her tongue out in your general

As I read your smiley as a request for comment: there was a reason why I
quoted the word rules when pointing to the wiki page. And the page
content itself reads as "guidelines", which from my reading is not that
strong as "rules" would be. Can a native English speaker agree to this? :)

Kind regards Joanne  (^_~)
Guidelines are recommended but optional practice. Rules are generally
taken as "must be obeyed" sort of things if you want to play the game.

Football, um both kinds I believe*, has rules. Life has social
conventions such as being polite and opening the door for a person
carrying a burden even if you're a woman and the other person's a
man. I take that as trumping the old convention that men ALWAYS
opened the door for the "helpless" woman. (Which in Victorian
corsets helpless was very likely closer to the truth than most
want to admit.)
Geez people! Is Fedora working so well that we have nothing better to
discuss? Let's get back to real issues, and stop bashing people who ask
for help.

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