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Michael Yep schrieb:

Sorry I do not know what top posting is. I run Thunderbird, and
this is the default setup with a signature.
I this the incorrect format ?
No. You provide your additional comment to a previous list posting at top of it. That is what top-posting means.

It makes following a topic more difficult than it would have to be. If you reply to a list posting you nearly always want to contribute (ask, add, ...) to specific parts of the previous post(s). Doing that on top of the mail does not make clear to which part of the previous communication this belongs. This leads directly to the following aspect: top-posters typically do not strip what they quote. On a list like this it is not necessary to repeat the complete previous content by quoting all. Interested readers can thread the list, list archives organize their access to in a threaded way. TOFU (=top-posting + fully quoting) is thus annoying in 2 ways: it makes it harder to see the discussion / argument threads and it wastes bandwidth + storage space.
This isn't meant personally, trying to explain by giving arguments.

The Fedora Wiki has a page with "rules" written down:


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